Sunday, March 24, 2019

New (to us) Fish Finder...

I've been helping a buddy on a couple of boats recently...rewiring, making electrical repairs, and sorting through a bunch of electrical issues. Our bass boat came with a mid-90's vintage Lowrance X25A fishfinder at the console, and a X22A at the front/trolling motor. The X22A was bad, so my buddy hooked me up with a Garmin Echo 501C color fishfinder. I installed it up front, where the bad X22A was. It had a transom mounted dual beam sensor, and I was able to adapt it to the trolling motor mount up front. Can't wait to try it out! Here's a few pics...

This color screen is gonna be so much easier to see in the sunlight!

I adapted the swivel mount from the 501 to the original mount for the X22A 

A dual beam transom mount adapted to the front trolling motor. Might be a problem for running into things,  but time will tell.

Here's the X25A at the console. Since I don't fish from that location, it should be find for showing me depth information.