Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Houseboat build, pg24...

Well damn... had an accident today (actually yesterday, it's now almost 4am) while working on the houseboat. It's a set back, but I can't let it get in the way of completing the project on my internal schedule. The trouble started when I got my foot tangled in an extension cord while coming out of the houseboat. It jerked my feet from under me and I fell, face first, onto the patio area. Bloodied my nose good, and I found my left arm flopping about uncontrollably. Debbie took me to Ortho urgent care. It seems I finished destroying my left rotator cuff,  tore the bicep muscle lengthwise, and have a broken nose. It could have been worse, but kinda sucks. I'm now waiting for a mri appointment and appointment scheduling with a surgeon. I've been in this jam with my left rotator cup twice before in 2008 & 2009, just not to this extent. Gotta learn to work with my arm in it's present condition and work around the physical problems during this process. Ain't nobody got time for this :-).

So, I got all of the plumbing supplies roughed in. Most of the electrical is pulled, and it's now time for framing up the first roof angles for the upper receptacles and lighting boxes. Once the boxes are all set, I can start with the spray foam insulation. Here's a few pics from the day...

Here's the beginning of my trouble...a small extension cord exiting the work area of the houseboat. Oh well, at least I didn't fall off the patio, it's a long ways down with other hazards!

After returning from the hospital, I decided I had to get back on this horse and ride it, rather than sit around and nurse my wounds. Billie, one of our hens, flew up on the patio and was checking in on me, tapping on the door to see if I would let her in. Those are some amazingly smart birds, but another story for a different blog. We love our chickens!

Here you can see all of the plumbing supply roughed in. From left to right, the stubs for the kitchen sink, the stubs that will go into the bathroom wall for the vanity, the cold water stub for the toilet, the vertical connections and the shower valve, and lastly the stubs for the fresh and hot water connections that will be under the master bed. I have to cut into the black water tank for the drains, but that won't impact my ability to get the foam work done in the walls, and that's my thrust at the moment. 

Above you can see the electrical rough-in and marks on the starboard wall for the kitchen counter receptacle cluster, bathroom vanity, and bathroom vent fan, lighting, bedroom lighting / switching / recpt.

Just left of the corner post and above all this wire, you can see where the breaker panel and power distribution will be installed, next. I have to frame up for that and the transom window, once the first roof angles are framed in. 

This is the roof angles I mentioned. I have to frame this in at 16" off center to have a way to anchor the wall covering and overhead cabinets. It also will support upper lighting boxes and electrical connections for the TVs and cable / internet connections.