Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Houseboat build, pg37...

 Misc Framing... Much of the framing for rooms and partitions is coming together. The bathroom is now framed up and plumbed the bedroom wall partition is framed up, the header for the heat pump's indoor section is framed, and plywood added inside of some of the wall spaces for solid attachment points for things. Here's a few pics and descriptions, probably out of order...

Above is a pic of the header above the doorway into the bedroom area. I reinforced it with 1/2" B-C plywood to strengthen it and allow easy installation of the indoor section of the heat pump.  This will allow air to blow directly through the center of the house boat when running. 

The photo above is of the front wall of the bathroom, immediately above where the vanity and cabinet is to be located. This will allow for installation of the mirror on a solid surface. 

The above pic is of the bathroom wall, with the hot and cold water supply lines in place. The vanity cabinet will be anchored to the bathroom wall at this location. 

In the above photo you can see the light switch I roughed into the front wall of the bathroom for controlling the bathroom vanity light. The front wall is a 4" wall to accommodate the plumbing and electrical, while the inboard and rear walls are 2" thick to save weight and space. 

The photo above is of the inboard shower head in the bathroom. This shower is 24" x 36" in size, and has a small shower head on either side (2 shower heads). This will help keep the water in the shower as would happen with a single overhead shower head or a shower head spring one in the face, and wet the bather on both sides so as to not need to rotate in the shower while bathing... important in a small shower like this. 

This photo shows the shower pan in the place where it will be installed. I'll use the white poly panels on the walls of the shower.