Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Barrett's Farm Ponds

There's always lots of places to fish, but this is one of our favorite local spots. They have 2 stocked ponds with large mouth bass, crappie, several varieties of bluegill, and monster catfish. We have an annual pass there, and fish it year round. It is sport fishing only, except for every now and then when Mr. Barrett is adjusting the numbers of various species and allows for taking of certain fish. 

The ponds are set up for various types of fishing:  pole fishing, casting, fly fishing, etc. Some areas have lots of structure, others are open and clear. The two ponds allow for bank and boat fishing. Boats are limited to paddle or electric, no gas. 

I'm 59 years old as of this writing, and I've been fishing off and on my entire life. I caught my personal best large mouth bass in his pond #1, and there are bass much larger in both ponds. He sells passes for day fishing, seasonal, and annual. I have no financial interest in this location, and get no promotional stuff for posting this, but I do want to see it continue. It's rare to find a well stocked and meticulously maintained site like this for sport fishing in our area. It takes a LOT of work, and Debbie & I surely appreciate it! 

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Pond #2 on a calm winter day...

Debbie catching Crappie at pond #2...

My personal best Large Mouth Bass caught in Pond #1...