Thursday, April 23, 2020

Cow Pasture, 4/23/2020

Debbie and I caught a small batch of these guys, this eve at a private farm pond we call "the Cow Pasture". We could see them hitting the surface all around, and they wouldn't touch anything we had. Too much cover to fly fish. We had some of these little suspending dive baits. I chopped most of the bill's off, eliminated the split ring on the nose, and tied them on to 2 micro rods with 4lb flouro. They would sit right under the surface, and only wobble a little and not dive on retrieve. Then, we'd cast, wait 30 secs, slow roll a foot or so, stop and repeat. It worked and we left some of them with sore lips :-) We also caught a Golden Shiner!

Norris Creek, 4-23-2020

A little bridge fishing this eve on Norris Creek. Snagged this guy on a Rattle Trap, right out in the channel from the bridge. Another 1/2oz, and he'd been 2lbs :-)

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Moccasin Creek, 4-16-20

Debbie and I ran over to Moccasin Creek after dinner for a few minutes. We didn't have much time, but got a few casts in. I caught a small large mouth bass on a rattle trap, and he got off right at the bank. Obviously I didn't get a good hook set. It always amazes me how a bass can go through all those gyrations as they near the boat or bank and spit out something with so many hooks :-)

Debbie caught a chain pickerel on a beetle spin, it appeared to be poking around near some bluegill beds. You'd think it was a dirtfish from the photos, but we got that toothy guy off the hook and back in the water :-)

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Airfield, 4-14-20

Debbie and I slipped out for a little while last night, just before dark. We popped over to the private spot we call the "Airfield", and did a bit of bank fishing. My camera makes it look much lighter than it was, I guess it's more sensitive than my eyes to low light. Anyway, she caught the first bass just before the sun set, another I didn't get a pic of, and the rest we caught after dark. The temps were in the low 70's, light breeze, almost no insects. A low pressure cold front was coming in from the west (it's like 50 deg outside and rain this morning!). It was a great night to be playing at the pond. Everything was caught on 5" YumDingers (watermelon and pearl), 2O EWG hooks, rigged weightless and weedless, 12lb mono, 6' graphite rods and Zebco Bullet reels. Here's a few pics...

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Hidden Pond, 4-12-20

Debbie and I hitched up the Jon Boat and headed over to a private spot we call the "Hidden Pond" on 4-12-20. It was a great day outside...a little overcast, very breezy, and only about 70 degrees. I was curious if the LMB in there were on the beds, had hit the beds early, or had not begun to bed, yet. 

Debbie started out using a tried and true bait we've come to use for bluegill and black crappie on a micro rig... It's assembled from a a#0 gold beetle spin rig, a 1/64oz white crappie jig head with red eyes, and a Smokey Shad shadpole grub. The micro rig is loaded with 4lb flouro line. She immediately started snatching in the gills and crappie. 

Meanwhile I was throwing a fluke, a shad jerk bait, crawfish, rattle trap, a finesse worm on a Texas rig, a small dive bait, and a 5" Yumdinger stick bait. The bass lit up on the stick bait...none of the bass caught had a raw tail from bedding, only one had a plump belly, and they were mostly up near the bank where the bluegill were hanging out. Either that had hit the bed way early, or it just hasn't happened there, yet. 

Here's a few pics from the great day on the pond...