Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Carpet Time!

Wow, what a raggedy carpet job this thing had...it was coming up everywhere, was all crooked on the transom, the floor ribs were exposed, and some area weren't covered at all. That makes for a noisy boat when you are moving around in it, and drives me nuts to look at it :-) 

We found a roll of the same exact indoor/outdoor carpet that was used in the boat for $19 at Lowe's, grabbed a can of 3M77 adhesive spray, and headed back to the house. Debbie took some paper to make templates, and got started. 

I covered the runners on the converted motorcycle trailer, while Debbie was working on the boat. Boy, this makes the boat slide on and off the trailer much easier!

Debbie was busy fitting and reworking the carpet in the boat, while I started ripping out all of that spiderweb of tiny speaker wire and such a previous owner had attempted to wire the boat with...