Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Atkinson's Mill

Atkinson's Mill is an old mill pond I used to go fishing at with my Grandfather and my Dad back in the 1960's. It's a beautiful location, has a small ramp area and no bank fishing space. It's located east of Clayton on hwy 42, and is open to the public during daylight hours. The property is a family owned business that is famous for it's Hush Puppy and various cornbread mixes, run by some of the nicest people in the world. You can load Jon Boats and such by hand, the ramp really isn't something you want to put a nice boat down :-) This is ultimately fed by Little River and Cattail creek, and lots of fun to fish. The scenery along makes it worth the effort, and runs at least a mile up towards the feeders. Here's a few pics from when Debbie and I fished it last. We didn't catch anything big that day, but has several top water frog blowups that were fun!

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