Our Jon Boat...

Debbie found an old 1986 Landau Jon Boat on Facebook Marketplace. It was a 1048, 10 feet long, and 48 inches wide, very stable and light. It only weighs 62 lbs.This boat has been a blast to use, and is the perfect size for Debbie and I to get in and out of some of the farm ponds and such that we fish in. Not good for big or rough water, but the perfect setup for some of the "electric only" fishin' holes we frequent :-) 

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I'll talk about some of the mods and stuff we've done to this thing in some other posts, but this will give an overview of the boat as it's set up right now.  

Here it is at Barrett's Farm Ponds in Bunn NC. We pulled up from pond #1 and decided to grab a quick bite to eat, then move on to pond #2.

Here's a pic I snapped while we were at a pond on the south side of Zebulon NC. Debbie ran back to the truck for something...you can see the old motorcycle trailer we converted to haul this behind out little Escape. 

This little boat has allowed us to get into places we would have never been able to go while bank fishing, and go lots of places that won't allow for a bass boat with a gas motor. 

Here's a pic of it on Christmas Day 2018. On the trailer, cleaned up, and ready to go fishing. We've tried to keep weight in mind with every mod we've done. 

Here's a photo of it, ready to go, at the Hwy 50 Beaverdam access point. 

Here's a photo I took, just after we pulled it out of Wiggins Mill in Wilson NC. This thing is so easy to load and unload, it only takes us a few minutes to be in the water and on our way. 
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