Sunday, September 25, 2022

Houseboat build, pg17...

 Today, we started hanging the additional flotation devices, now that the support bars are in place. These are kinda tough to install, only because of them being awkward in size. We got a few hung, and made provisions for the dark water tank between float #3 and #4. Here's a few pics....


This photo is from behind, as we move one of the 3' x 4' x 17" flotation devices into position for installation. You can see the 3" wide aluminum bars protruding from behind. These will eventually be attached to the framework for the rear deck. 

Here, one of the floats is resting on the wooden runners we put on the trailer, to allow is to slide them along the length of the boat for installtion . 

This is the "dark water" tank for the boat. Essentially, it's the boat's septic tank. It'll get installed between floats #3 & #4, and has provision for being pumped out by the marina. 

More floats being installed, above. You can see the sheets of wax paper that the boat is sitting on, on the trailer. We didn't want the fresh eboxy paint to glue the boat to the trailer :-)


These photos got out of order, but the two pics above are shots of the area where the floats will be installed, taken from above and below the mounting bars.