Thursday, May 26, 2022

New Jon Boat Seats & Bait Lights...

 While doing some updates to the Jon Boat, I recalled all the back pain I had when we were out on the boat more than a couple of hours. I felt like I needed better seating with more back support. Debbie got on the Cabela's website and found the seats we had been looking at in their store, recently. She got those ordered up, and they arrived in no time flat! I removed the old seats, added additional fasteners through the 2x6 riser I had installed previously to raise the seats, and installed the new seats. WOW, what a difference they made! 

While at it, I replaced the old LED bait lights that were on the front of the lower seat frames. They're only about $5 at Ace hardware, and lasted almost 6 years. Very bright, and help when doing a bit of night fishing.