Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Houseboat build, pg13...

 The Tiny-Houseboat project is moving along nicely. Today, I got the front door frame and jam installed. The front door is now hung, hinges modified, locksets installed, and all working well. I also caulked much of the interior, but have to pick up more caulk tomorrow to complete this. The front window is now framed, cut in, and window installed. The port and starboard sides of the house now have the final studs installed, and the starboard side of the house is closed in. Looking good, for sure! Picking up a few more metal studs and tracks tomorrow to get the side windows framed, cut in, and installed. More pics coming! These are out of order, but I'll try to describe them...


Debbie took these tonight, you can see the starboard side of the house now closed in and ready to have the side window framed and cut in. Hopefully tomorrow...

The front door lockset, maind handle, and dead bolt installed, cut into the door jam, and ready to go. We're getting there!!

The door's thresh hold is cut, fitted, and installed. The door is a nice fit...I measured a zillion times and cut once out of fear of messing this install up. The door is cut to 69 inches and is a great fit!

The front door is installed!

I've never installed a door jam, before. I bought a universal kit, and fitted it to the door. We  cut the door down quite a lot, to but maintained adequate height for us to get in and out of the tiny-houseboat easily. 

This is a pic of the inside of the house, after framing around the front door opening. This was an easy install, once I understood how to do this.