Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Houseboat build, pg28...

 This was a fairly productive day on the houseboat project... Got the front awning support posts cut drilled and installed. The front awning is similar to the popular Sundowner seen on TV, but MUCH less expensive. It came with some very poor instructions, but I was able to modify the brackets for my spacing and get it installed. Adjustment was pretty easy, and I'll allow us to retract it when not at the houseboat, in case of high winds, storms, etc. We tend to have some pretty strong winds on the lake during storms, so this is a plus. I got more of the electrical completed, so that's moving along pretty well. Finally, we've been struggling to find decorative shutters in the correct size for the front windows, so we decided to make some. Debbie found pics of what she wanted, and once I saw how they were made, it was easy to fab them. Here's a few pics, mostly out of order :-) ...


Here's the shutters I built from a photo Debbie found somewhere online. I couldn't visualize how to do it, but the photo spoke a thousand words :-)

Here's a pic of the awning installed. You can see the spring-loaded mechanical arms that keep it outstretched and keeps the tarp taught. 

Here, the shutters and one of the front porch posts are awaiting paint. This was SUPER cheap and easy, I probably have under $10 in all the shutter, total. 

Clamping the boards together, ready for nailing with the nail gun. We didn't want something big or heavy, so this fit the bill, nicely. 

A "test fit" of one of the shutters on the house. I'll install them with self-taping screws and nylon spacers, so the mounting will be pretty easy. 

The 6 photos above show the awning installed and adjusted on the Tiny-Houseboat. I set the front porch posts up on the patio to get a feel for the look we're going for. There will be 1" dia rope wrapped and draped from post to post to give it a "nautical" feel. 

The two pics above show the 4" x 4" posts I used to support the awning. The awning weights about 32 lbs, and the total weight of the awning assembly (complete with supports and hardware) came in at just under 100 lbs. 

Here I'm getting more of the receptacles and switches installed in the house. I'll be wiring the panel and external umbilical cord soon, so I'll be able to test the whole house setup. 

I think these 2' tall porch post look cool. Debbie painted and distressed them, there will be a swinging door entrance on the LH side in the photo, where the extra post is located. This will be the point that we enter the houseboat from the dock. 

Another small load of stuff from Lowe's. They should know is by now, or maybe we should buy stock in Lowes. Much of the material used in the houseboat has come from here, with a bit more from Home Depot and Builder's Discount Warehouse.