Saturday, November 19, 2022

Houseboat build, pg39...

 The bathroom... lots of headway in this area! I've been working on the drain layout under the boat, and where the drains from the lavatory, shower, and toilet will route. We have much of the walls completed, working on the cabinet for the vanity, installing the lighting, the header over the doorway, caulking, etc. Here's some photos and descriptions...


As usual, some of these photos are out of order. The photo above shows the bathroom light, installed once the paint in that area was completed. 

Above is a photo of the bathroom vanity being mocked up in the location it'll be installed, in. I'll be lagging that to the houseboat structure for stability. 

Above is a photo of the forward wall in the bathroom where it attached to the starboard wall. I just just finished caulking the corner joint where these walls join. 

Here's a peep through the bathroom doorway, and you can see where the toilet will be installed. The walls are still a work in progress with caulking, spackle, and paint. 

In the photo above, the new lavatory is sitting on the vanity cabinet as a test fit. It'll be installed with clear silicone and caulked to the wall, as well. 

Here's a look into the bottom section of the vanity cabinet, where the hot and cold water lines come in. The drain will go straight out the bottom. 

The four photos above show my masking tape notes and markings everywhere, while working out the fitment of the bathroom components. 

The three photos above are of the bathroom walls in various states of completion. These are also a "work in progress" as I spot fill nail heads, caulk joints, etc. Debbie is the painter, and lays the color on top of all this work.