Saturday, September 17, 2022

Marina/Boat Work, Ride!

 We finally got on the water for a while, today. Debbie has been very sick of late, but is recovering nicely. She finally felt the best she had in a long while, and was ready for a little water therapy. We headed to the Steele Creek Marina at Kerr Lake, to do a bit of work on the dock, the boat, and ride a while. For some reason, a few of these pics are out of order, but I'll be describing them as I go...


Here's something we wanted to do, but just got around to...installed solar lighting around both slips. These do bring in the bugs a little at night, but it makes it much easier for night landings. We had some of these on my dad's dock a couple of years, and they held up well, even when under water for long periods. Here, you can see them coming on near sunset.

Heading back to the marina after an evening of riding and swimming. What a great day! Debbie was feeling much better, the water was about 82 degrees, light breeze, and the lake was fairly calm. 

We went down to Jaws beach a while, met some new friends, had some lake food (Beenie-Weenies, Vienna Sausages, chips, and beer!), and enjoyed the music. 

Cruising down the lake was SO very relaxing. 

Along with installing the rest of the dock lights, we installed a new dock corner bumper that Debbie ordered. This will protect the pontoon boat a bit when coming in on a windy day. 

We also got to install the new dining table mount on the pontoon boat. It was a pretty simple installation, we had to choose the location and install the bolt-down flang for the base. This thing is light weight and amazingly strong. The post screws out, and the post & table stores away in our shange room on the boat. 

You can barely see the automatic solar lights we installed around the two slips. The space beside us I'm pointing to, is where our houseboat will park very soon!

This is such a cool marina! Lots of boats are parked up in here, it's very quiet and the seclusion keeps the water calm. It has deep water, to the low water excursions the lake may have aren't usually an issue.