Tuesday, May 26, 2020

The Airfield, 5/26/20

Debbie and I headed out to a private spot on a farm that we call "the Airfield, for a few minutes before dark. Here's Debbie, all smiles! :-)

Friday, May 15, 2020

Boddies Millpond, 5/15/20

Debbie and I hitched the Jon boat, and headed over to Boddies Millpond, early this morning. We were on the water by 6:45, and Debbie was all over it :-) She immediately picked up 2 bass, the first about 2-1/2 lbs...the 2nd was 2lb 4oz. She caught them on her favorite bait, a 5" Yum Dinger stick bait, rigged weightless and weedless on a 2O ewg hook. She was using her Zebco Bullet reel, 12lb mono, and a 6'6" Ugly Stic GX2. I'll note that all of the bass were caught in the shade (under tree & bush overhangs), the largest 2 were from along the edge of the lilly pads.

I was using a similar setup, and picked up one that was about 2 lbs shortly after. We caught a number of small bass in the more shallow part of this huge lake near the head. Debbie snagged several black crappie on her micro rig, out in the open areas away from the banks. We were on the water about 8 hours and had a blast. The bite dropped off after about 11, something we've noticed about this location in the past. Here's a few pics...

This is BEAUTIFUL place , and the waterway goes on for over 1-1/2 miles before running into Little Peachtree Creek & Back Swamp Creek!