Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Houseboat build, pg34...

 We're excited, there's lots of stuff finally coming together! We replaced the broken glass in the port side transom window and got that mess cleaned up. I thought I broke it during installation, but when I disassembled it to install the new ($!00!!!) replacement glass, I found that some goober at the factory had filled the track of the supposedly floating window track with silicon adhesive...even plugging up the drain holes. I checked the others, and they weren't like that, so this must have been a "Monday " or "Friday" window... SMH. Doesn't matter how much something costs, these days... Get this, the replacement window they made and shipped to me (after about a month's wait), WAS NOT SQUARE!!! No joke, the glass was off about 1/8" from one end to the other. Sheesh.... I used the carbide saw and modified the frame, and got it installed. Sloppy work, but all's well that ends well, I guess.


Debbie got the front wall painted with a couple of good coats of color, and we got all of the filling / caulking finished on that wall.

 Below are a batch of photos showing the window dressing I went with. I decided to trim the windows in what looks like "shadow box". It keeps it simple, kinda has a nautical "feel" to it, minimizes all of the trim required, and saves space. Several of these windows will literally have walls, counter tops, and couch tops bumping right up to the window dressing. It gives a larger "ledge" to lay your phone or other items on, as well. 


 Below are a couple of photos showing the front wall, after Debbie laid more art on it. She matched the front to the back, and it turned out great! Has a "ship lap" look, but is only a light weight 1/4" thick sheet of luan plywood. She decorated the wall down to the point on the LH (port) side where the couch / dining table seating will be built-in. We decided to extend the counter top on the RH (starboard)  side and eliminate the closet, since we'll have plenty of space for coats under the lift-up seat of the couch, so Debbie decorated that wall down to the point where the cabinet will build-in.