Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Houseboat build, pg14...

 Caulk, Brick Molding, and Starboard Window... Things are moving along nicely, we got the caulking around the front door & front window, and starboard window is now framed up and installed. The brick molding is now installed on the door and the front and starboard windows, and the molding is caulked and drying. It's beginning to look like a little house! Debbie made a cool placard for the front of the house, and we got it hung. Here's a few pics...

All of the panel lines, drip edge areas, and door jams structure was caulked. Thus was in preparation of Debbie painting the house. Paint will help seal the over 2000 screw heads that proliferate the outer skin of the building. 

The starboard window framing was an experience for me. I've never worked with metal studs, so it was a steep learning curve....but I'd finished. I'll be framing out the inside with 1x4 pine when I get started on the interior build. 

This is prior to cutting and fitting the brick molding around these two windows and the front door. Lots of caulking was used here :-)

Here, the brick molding was installed around the front door and front window. The windows are all vinyl and very light weight. See Debbie's front sign? It turned out great!

I started cutting the studs needed to frame up around the port side window, and to finish the corners with a 2x4 "post" design. You see them propped up around the interior. 

 The brick molding is now cut and fitted around the starboard side window. The molding really dresses things up. Debbie has ordered some lightweight shutters to add to the feel of "home".