Monday, November 14, 2022

Houseboat build, pg35...

It's been a bit since the last update, so here's more on the build. Things have been going well and we've made a lot of headway. Here's a batch of pics and info... 

In the two photos above, I was installing the luan over the sub-flooring, in preparation for the linoleum floor covering. I laid it with the joints perpendicular to that of the sub-flooring. In the first photo of the two, you'll see a piece of cable coming out of the wall, near an electrical receptacle...that is coax and will be hidden under the couch area. It's for a ham radio connection in the dining area, once completed.

In the two pics above you can see the linoleum laid and looking good! Debbie picked out a nice, neutral color with no pattern to worry about lining up with other things. In the first photo of the two, you'll notice a piece of copper tubing coming out of the wall. This is the LP gas line for the 2-burner cook top to be installed, there.

Above is the bed frame, fab'd up to handle a queen size mattress, 80" x 60" plus a bit of space to be on the left for a headboard with cubbies. The brown panel in the center is where I plane to build in a large drawer. The top will be hinged to allow for extra storage underneath. 

Above, the the far RH corner, you can see the first piece of trim in place. I was trying to get a feel for how that would look, and if it were the trim I wanted to use. It turned out OK, so I'll be using this throughout the house where ever a corner is exposed.

This is a look down, from above the bed frame, showing the large drawer I'm building in. It'll be 34" deep and about 11" tall. It will ultimately be almost the entire width of the entryway into the bedroom. 

In the two pics above, you see the bed frame...all finished, covered, hinged, and some of the paint in the exposed areas applied. Until now, I've used very little heavy wood, but a few things like the bed, the refrigerator build-in, and lower kitchen cabinets will use spruces 2" x 4". Spruce is much lighter than with pine and others, and about the same cost. 

YAY!!! In the three pics above, you'll see that the interior walls are now going in. In the first pic, the structure closest to you is the bathroom...the shower pan is on the floor for sizing / fitment. The bed frame top is a holding area for things I have to fit and tools, now :-) Some walls are 2" thick in the areas where I can get away with it, but the wall behind the area where the vanity will be, is 4" thick to more easily accommodate the water supply lines and wiring.  In the second photo you'll notice an area framed in over the entrance to the bedroom. I call that "the bridge", as it connects the port and starboard bedroom walls. The real purpose is to have a place to mount the indoor section of the wall-mounted heat pump, so it'll blow straight through the house. The final pic above shows the port side wall, framed up and ready for covering. 

The two pics above show the framework of the port side overhead cabinets. The doors will open by swing out and upward,  and have retaining mechanisms. This will make them less likely to become ajar from boat rocking and such. I am framing up a mid-mount refrigerator and microwave cabinet between this and the bedroom wall, that's why they don't go all the way to the bedroom. I'm cutting the interior shelf floor and sliding it in from the bedroom area first, so I'll all be in one piece. I added a 3/4" along the front so goods inside of the cabinet can fall out the front when the door is opened. The cable hanging out from under the cabinet is for a VHF marine and weather radio to be installed underneath the cabinet when finished.

Here, in the final photo, is another similar overhead cabinet, framed up on the starboard side of the boat. It extend from the bathroom wall, to the front wall near the entrance door. There will also be a one piece shelf floor installed through the bathroom wall, before the wall covering is installed. The cable hanging down is for a small TV to be installed under the cabinet.