Sunday, December 30, 2018

Jon Boat Battery Containment

Here's a pic of what we did to contain the battery in our Jon Boat. Early on, we found the best place for the battery (for best weight distribution in this small boat) was in the middle of the boat...immediately behind Debbie's seat. We use several different sizes of battery, depending on where we're going. We use a Series-27 Sealed Deep Cycle battery (60 lbs!!) when we know we're gonna be running it hard in big water, all day. We have a series-U1 (sealed lawn tractor battery) for moderate size lakes. Lastly, we use a small jump box for use in ponds and such. After loading in an out of some rough places with STEEP ramps this year, we found the battery needed to be secured. I picked up a plastic battery box from Walmart for $8, drilled a few holes in the lower seat frame, and attached it there. I don't use the top, that way I can just set the battery in and out easily. Problem solved!