Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Cow Pasture, 10-31-17

Debbie and I hopped out to the Cow Pasture pond a bit this evening, and had a bit of fun. I blew the guts out of one of my Zebco 33's I run braid on...I can't complain, that thing had a zillion casts and a bunch of catches on it, not bad for a $20 reel :-) Here's a few pics...

Zebco 33 Failure and Repair

Here's another quickie about Zebco and their great support. We have a bunch of these Zebco 33's. I love them for slow retrieve baits (slow topwater, working the bottom with soft plastic baits, etc). We have these with various mono sizes and some with braid. They're very inexpensive no-backlash reels, and are pretty darn tough!

I bought a new 33 and had a heavy topwater tied on. about a month of almost-daily use, the cast button literally broke off. One of the hinge tabs cracked and came off. No biggie, I picked up another and kept on fishing. I emailed Zebco, in hopes of buying a replacement part, because I likely broke it with too much force from my thumb while casting those heavy baits. A couple of days later, a new bottom and trim ring arrived on my front steps for free. Wow! For a reel that costs under $20, this is simply amazing. Here's a few pics of the reel and broken parts. The new parts snapped in, and the reel is still in regular operation, today. 

Monday, October 30, 2017

Airfield, 10-30-17

I stopped by the Airfield on the way home from work, and threw a beetle spin for a few minutes. These little guys were eager takers, so i took their photos and sent them on their way :-)

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Cow Pasture, 10-28-17

We're fortunate enough to have access to a bunch of private local farm ponds, we call this one "The Cow Pasture"...for obvious reasons :-) It's a great pond, with bluegill, catfish, and large mouth bass. Debbie and I when there to a little fishing today, here's a few pictures...

Friday, October 27, 2017

Topwater at the Airfield

I stopped by a private spot we are fortunate enough to have access to, we call it the airfield. I was throwing Whopper Ploppers (topwater), and snagged these guys. I always seem to have best luck there on rainy days, and just before sunset. It's an old irrigation pond, out in the open, no cover, and no structure. Late evening, shade is cast over from the nearby wood line and they like it!

Tippett's Mill, 10-27-17

Brandon and I stopped by Tippett's Mill (also know and Taylor's Mill Pond from mack in the day) during lunch, and fished a little. This is a cool place, and you can boat a couple of miles up towards the head. Here's a few pics...


Thursday, October 26, 2017

Murdock's, 10-26-17

Debbie and I headed over to a private spot we call Murdocks after I got off work, for a few minutes. It was getting dark fast. We caught a couple of crappie, and Deb also caught a few bluegill. Here's the crappie I got pics of...

Amos Place, 10-26-17

I slipped over to a private spot we call Amos Place during lunch on 10-26. We've had varied luck there, but it's close to work and always a fun spot to fish at. I caught this little guy, and headed back to work :-)

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Fishing at Murdock's, 10-25-17

Debbie and I went fishing on Oct 25th, at a private farm pond that we call "Murdock's Pond". Murdock is a large dog that lives on the property, and he always comes to visit and stay with us while we're fishing. We keep a box of dog treats in the truck, just for him. Debbie caught a huge crappie this day! Here's a few pics...