Saturday, October 15, 2022

Houseboat build, pg29...

 Wow, what a productive day! We got the rain drips cut and installed on both of the transom windows, and got them caulked. I installed the dark water service port on the starboard side of the boat, so it can be pumped at the marina. Deb and I installed the interior mounting blocks for the shutters, and got those caulked. Deb touched up the paint around the dark water port, and also sealed the mounting holes on all of the shutters. I installed the shore power electrical port on the back of the  boat and got it wired into the main breaker panel, inside. All of the electrical was tested and documented to properly label the breakers. The lighting was connected and tested for the front porch, the dining area, and the bedroom. Wow, I love progress!! Here's a few pics, and I'm sure they're out of order :-) 

In the three photos above, you can zoom in and see the rain drips we installed over the top of them to stop water from running from the roof and down the fronts of the windows. You can also see the new home-made shutters installed. 

The field wiring connected to the power distribution panel / break box. Debbie found this on facebook  marketplace on the cheap. It was a used panel, but worked out well for our application. 

The above two photos is of the dark water service port I installed. It allows the sewage tan to be easily pumped from the dock at the marina. 

Above are some of the wooden blocks we installed on the interior of the walls, to allow attachment of our shutters around the windows. The screws were caulked well, and these are also caulked in place. Next, the spray-in foam insulation will finish the permanent installation of these!


Here's a shot of the rear deck with the various ports installed. The white port in the lower left is the AC shore power port. The gray box above it is the electrical drop for the heat pump condenser unit, and the clear-ish box to the right is the port where the generator will plug in.


The two photos above are more that show the rain drip edge that I cut and installed, as well as a better photo of the custom shutters. 


This is one of the six bedroom lamps that will be installed in parallel and switched from a common switch. These were converted from halogen to 3000k LED lamps. 


Here's a photo of us testing the dining area LED 3000k lamp. It really pumps out a lot of light, but is rated at 6 watts of power usage. Amazing!


Testing the LED front porch lamp. Debbie found this and it matches the hardware for the locks on our front door. It looks really nice and puts out a ngood amount of light, too!


Here's a few shots at night with the various lighting, "on". It's so nice to finally be operating the houseboat on it's own internal wiring. It kinda gives a sense of "accomplishment".  


Here's a night-time photo of the rear deck, showing the "test" umbilical cord I have the houseboat powered up on for testing all of the circuits. 


I took this photo, looking in the front, just before powering everything down for the night. It's beginning to feel like a house!

One last photo of the house's internal power distribution panel. This shot shows the main shore power feed coming in through the top LH side to one of the breakers I'm using as a "main".