Friday, June 10, 2022

Barrett's Farm Pond, 6/9/2022

 After a hot day helping some friends and working outside, we headed to Bunn NC at visited Barrett's Farm Ponds. We put the Jon boat in at pond # 2, and fished a bit. We caught several small bass, and the bite picked up as nightfall approached. There was a light breeze as the temps dropped to the low 80's. We enjoyed the water until dark, and putzed about the pond looking for the deepest areas for future reference. Here's some pics and a short video...

Much of the head end of the pond runs in the 6-8' range in the middle, the larger part of the pond consistantly runs 12-14 ft. About 200ft from the dam, in the middle (across from the spillway), there's an area that is 14-16'...and just west of center hit 17-1/2'! Pretty decent depth for a large farm pond!

Sunday, June 5, 2022

Atkinson's Mill Pond, 6/5/2022

 Debbie and I loaded up our gear and headed over to Atkinson's Mill Pond this morning. It's located just east of Clayton on hwy 42, and is open to the public 7 days/week. They have a crude ramp, but it's free and easy to get to. This is one of the last remaining water powered grain mills in NC, built in 1757, when NC was just a colony! The mill pond is fed from Cattail Creek and Little River, and has a variety of fish. You can travel up stream for miles. The weather was great...temps in low 80's, light breeze, and Carolina blue skies. Here's a few pics and a little vid.