Sunday, September 4, 2022

Houseboat build, pg8...

 Work on the pontoons is still underway, but nearing completion. We also shortened the entrance door, completed the last overhead beam assembly, modified and installed the rest of the trim around the patio, and started painting the interior closet door. Here's a few pics...

The two pics above show Debbie unbolting the "bunks" from the trailer. We have the port side of the boat lifted up off the bunks with an engine crane. Once the bunks are removed, it allows room for sanding, painting, etc. 

Here's a picture of the starboard side of the boat. The bunks have been reinstalled on the trailer, and we lowered the boat back onto a layer of wax paper to keep the new marine epoxy on the pontoons from sticking to the bunks. We painted the decorative brown color on, down below the water line on the pontoons. 

Above you can see the engine crane used to lift the boat, the bunks removed, and painting underway on the pontoon. 

Above you can see the front of the patio completed, and 2 pieces of trim now cut and fitted for the patio sides. Those will be painted and installed, next.

Above is a picture of the two bunks removed from the port side of the trailer. Also, you see (the shorter parts) the remaining trill that will eventually be installed along the sides of the houseboat to hide the ends of the floor beams that are between the tops of the pontoons and the floor of the houseboat. 

Debbie located a side window for the bedroom, so we ran over to pick it up from the seller. It's vinyl, and very light weight. 

Here you see the tape line we measured and put in place. The decorative brown color (matches the roof trim) will be painted on the pontoons down to this point. 

The above two pics show the patio trim now installed, partially painted, and taped out for final paint. The patio will have corner posts for the patio roof, and railing around the sides with an entrance gate.