Friday, October 21, 2022

Houseboat build, pg30...

I've been busy the last few days, in preparation for the insulation phase. The freshwater tap is now installed. I installed all of the coax pulls for TV, VHF marine radio, and ham radio VHF & HF antennas. All of the terminations are completed for the interior switches, lights, and receptacles. The generator port and rear heat pump condenser ports had wire dropped to the boxes, prior to foaming. I tested all of the electric, pressure tested the plumbing, installed the mounting blocked for the shutters, installed the mounting blocked for the front awning posts, installed the electrical wiring for the solar power drop from the roof, and triple checked everything for possible leaks during rain storms.

Next,  the day of foaming has arrived. I was trying to make sure everything was done prior to this, because once it was foamed, it would be difficult to do some things. I finally pulled the trigger on the foam guns, and this is the result....

Here's the electrical panel, modified for 115vac, with the upper LH breakers being used as "mains", the lower RH breakers as branch circuit control. 


Here's a photo of the interior, after the foam was sprayed. Boy, what a mess! It cleans up pretty easy, though. All those globs on the floor stick and have to be scraped away with a metal putty knife. 

The two photos above show the walls after being fully sprayed. Most of the floor cleanup was finished, and I was scraping the studs and using a hand saw to level the foam in places where it expanded beyond the face of the studs. 

The two photos above show the interior after the studs were scraped, and after the foam was leveled with a hand saw. Once the floor was scraped again, we used electric orbital sanders to sand the floor and remove and remaining foam residue. 

Once last photos from outside, it's now time to install wall coverings! We're excited, as the interior walls will now be framed up, cabinets built, and and it'll become a house!