Sunday, November 27, 2022

Houseboat build, pg41...

 Cabinets and more cabinets... I've been up to my ears in finishing kitchen cabinets. Cabinets are important for putting storage in every possible location, for supporting kitchen counter tops, for holding appliances, and more. Here's a batch of photos and descriptions. I'm getting close to having this baby ready to hit the water, and can hardly wait! 

 The above 5 photos are of the starboard side cabinets I fabricated to fill the space between the bathroom wall and the front wall of the houseboat. It will support the counter top that will hold the kitchen sink, provide counter space for the coffee pot and probably the air fryer. I framed up a series of drawers, as well as a set of lower cabinet doors to access the space beneath the sink for additional storage. I'll frame in one more small drawer in the LH void, then cover the outer surface with luan lite-ply, and paint. I was able to utilize some old existing drawers and doors we found on marketplace for free. 


 The three photos above show the small port side cabinet / counter space I'm building between the appliance stack and the combo dining area / couch. it will support the counter top that will hold the 2-burner gas stove top, and provide additional space for a toaster or some such. Below will be a pair of large cabinet doors for additional storage, as well as another small drawer. 

Speaking of the appliance stack, the above 3 photos show the now completed stack / cabinet. I built a mid-mount for the refrigerator so we wouldn't have to constantly bend over to get items from it. I built-in a small microwave up top, and the space below was perfect for one of those trash bin roll-out racks. You can see a pic of the lower door installed. It's now all painted and ready to go!

The three photos above show the port side upper storage cabinets I fabricated and fitted to the barn-shape of the interior wall. They're now completed, with mechanisms to hold the doors open when being accessed, and magnetic latches to keep them closed when not in use.

While talking about upper cabinets, here's the starboard side cabinets all finished, complete with latches and openers. 

This crazy looking contraption will serve as a couch, will have a drop-in post mounted dining table top to use or serving meals, and will ultimately convert to an additional bed space if we should have  overnight visitors. It will have plug-in parts to convert it do a full-size bed (next size above a twin). Debbie and Donna are about to start on a batch of custom cushions and chair backs for it. It is framed up for two large pull out drawers in the front, and the upper seating area will be hinged to allow access to the extra storage space in the back of it. 

If you've been following along, you'll recall there was a straight header above the doorway leading to the queen size bed space. This is where I was going to hang the indoor section of the heat pump. It was a head bumper, so we decided to move the heat pump section the the rear wall, and put an archway here. I had to rip out some of my work, frame up the arch, and wet some wood with ammonia to be able to bend it around this curve. Debbie was happy, she wanted an arch there from the beginning :-)

Lastly, there was a seam down the middle of the front bathroom wall that was driving me nuts every time I looked at it. Here, I've filled, spackled, sanded, and Debbie repainted this area. I'm prety happy with it now, and can move on to finishing the vanity cabinet installation :-)