Friday, October 7, 2022

Houseboat build, pg26...

 It's been a rough week, working with a bad arm, but I got a lot done! One of the transom windows is now framed and installed, the other is about 50% framed and installation is only a few hours away. All of the electrical rough-in is completed, all of the plumbing supply rough-in is completed, the side roof angle blocks are installed, the front light is installed, the patio receptacle enclosure is installed, the rear generator receptacle and rear heat pump power drop is installed, the gas line for the kitchen is installed, the exterior caulking is reworked, and the minor roof leak is fixed. Debbie has totally repainted everything outside to give it a nice coat of paint and seal those 2500+ screws that hold the building together.  Here's a few pics and descriptions...


Starboard side transom window framing underway. Some cuts have been made, it's ready to have the outer skin removed and the upper and lower track installed. 

Port side transom window installed. These are in the bedroom on either side. You can see some of the lighting boxes installed over the window, and other electrical installed.

Most of the wiring is now pulled to the electrical panel and ready to be pulled into the panel itself. One of the rear wall boxes is seen in the lower left.

Here you can see the rear wall boxes as installed from the inside. The LH box is for the generator connection, the RH box is for the heat pump condenser unit connection. 

Bedroom lighting boxes installed on the starboard side, and the transom window is being readied for installation.

Wood for the outer wall angles is installed, along with the port side bedroom lighting boxes and receptacle for the TV. Once the wall is foamed in, the upper wall covering will go here. 

Here's the wiring as it comes to and through the bathroom. The boxes are for the bathroom receptacle, and the ventilation fan connection.

Here's a shot of the port side wall to show all of the utilities as installed. Receptacles for the built-in fridge and microwave, power for the stove top ignitor, receptacles for the kitchen counter top accessories. You can see the gas line coming to the cook top area from the rear deck. 

Power running along the port side wall, and supplying a receptacle that will be installed inside of the couch area. That will provide power for the bank charger to the 3ea series 27 batteries to be installed inside that area. 

Here's the box and power for the overhead lighting in the couch / dining area. Debbie selected a nice, low power LED light for this area. 

A look at the front window / patio area from inside. You can see the switch boxes for the interior light and front patio light sandwiched into the space just to the left of the front door frame.

A look down the starboard side wall, showing all of the plumbing and electrical stuff going on. This is a busy space!

Here's a shot of the rear deck with some of the services installed. The LP gas tanks will be installed on the far left, the heat pump outdoor unit will be in the center, and the inverter / generator will be on the RH side. I still have to fabricate the edge trim for the rear deck, and build the rear railing for this area.


Here's a shot from the front and starboard side of the houseboat. We're still searching for shutters, but may have to build them instead...we can't find them in the right size. The new front patio light is installed in this photo.

Here's a photo of the front and port side of the houseboat. You can see the new transom window in the rear bedroom are. I still have to install the brick mould around it. 

 Here's a couple of photos of the interior, looking in through the front door. Boy, it's still pretty busy in there! I'm not too far from time to spray in the foam insulation, though.