Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Preparing the slip...

 As we near the day of transport, we decided to go to the lake and work on the slip a bit. We're fortunate to have the slip next to our pontoon boat, and we wanted to install a few bumpers to help protect the houseboat from rubbing against the dock. Here's a few pics...

Above, you can see the slip where the house boat will be parked. We installed those two long white bumpers for the boat to rub. We'll probably add more,. once the house boat is in place and we can see where it will rub. 

The above two pics are of our pontoon boat. We uncovered it while we were there, to allow it to dry/ sun out a bit. 


Here's a look across the bow of our pontoon boat, showing the proximity of the space for the house boat. We can't wait to get it in there!!