Friday, April 19, 2019

New Rod Rack For The Truck

We had a rack in the ceiling of the truck for some time, but kept running short on space. Rods were propped up in the back (one recently got broken when the side door closed on it), always falling over and such. I had some scrap 1 x 3 pine in the garage, and decided to build a larger replacement to hold 10 rods. Here's what I did...

I cut the 1 x 3 to length, then measured and used a hole saw to bore the holes in the wood. I found, with my reels, a 4" center t0 center spacing was about right. I wanted the rods to hang low in the rack, that's why the holes are closer to one side. On the side of the boards that were going to be near the ceiling, I marked an angle cut to provide clearance at the edges of the roof where it begins to curve down. 

I sanded and deburred the holes, so they could be stained. 

Debbie stained the boards. This should help repel any water that might get on them from wet rods, and looks good, too :-)

I cut strips of self adhesive felt backing material to install in the holes. This should help stop the rod rattling like I had in the old racks.

Here's a pic of one of the holes with the felt installed. 

All finshed and ready to install on the mounting plates I also made from 1 x 3 pine. 

Here's a pic of the mounting plates that attach to the headliner in the truck, also drilled & stained. 

Rod racks, installed onto the ceiling mounting plates from the previous photo.

Here, the rod racks are installed in the ceiling of my Ford Escape, loaded up with rods. Now, we can store the 10 rods we use on a regular basis and keep them safely out of the way.