Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Little Creek

Little Creek is exactly what is sounds like, a very tiny creek. Only about 15 feet wide and very shallow, it crosses under Hwy 39 east of Zebulon, near the train tracks at the water treatment plant. It begins probably no more than 1/2 mile west of that point. It varies wildly in depth and flow, depending on rainfall and such, and we've never caught anything really large in there. I've never seen it dry, and it's full of structure from lay downs. Despite all that, it's a blast to fish in during the colder months (the weeds and insects make it tough during the summer!). We've caught Catfish, Bluegill, some of the most beautiful Red Breast I've ever seen, a small Bowfin, LMB (under a pound), and Crappie in there. It's great for a change of pace. Parking is TOUGH...My little Ford Escape almost rolls on it's side into the ditch, while just trying to get it off the roadway, but I manage. We typically use micro setups, or Debbie will use her 10' Crappie Slayer in there. Here's a few pics from fishing at Little Creek...

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