Monday, January 16, 2023

Houseboat build, pg62...

 The launch day for our Tiny Houseboat is fast approaching. I'm working down a 1-page punch list now, and it's almost completed! Here's a few photos and more info....

   The five photo above are of something I almost forgot...the tank monitoring system for our fresh water and dark water tanks! We could get along without it, but we'd always be guessing on when it was time to get our dark tank pumped, or fill out fresh water tank. This little system was only about $40, and came with the sensors for the tanks. I drilled the tanks, fitted the sensors, mounted the monitor panel in one of the kitchen area cabinets, and get it wired and tested. Wow, this works great and was very easy!

The two photos above are of the front of the trailer, the front bumper that holds the winch and and boat is winched up to tightly for transport. I had relocated this forward and removed the bumpers during the build of the houseboat to make it easier to work on the front areas of the boat. I reinstalled the u-bolts for the wench strap to attach to, readjusted the upper wench mount, and got the bumper reinstalled. She's getting ready for transport!

The photo above is of the second TV antenna. It arrived yesterday, and I got it installed, tonight. I had already repaired a problem with the coax in the rear of the house, so it was ready for this antenna. This is the same antenna I installed on the front of the house for the kitchen TV, and it works great. Also, it's only about  $40, and comes with a pre-amp.



The three photos above are of some upper window trim I fabricated fro a bit of metal left over from the construction. I was able to make it from metal that matched the color of the roof, so they don't really stand out very much. This transitions from the roof to the upper window drips I made sometime back.