Thursday, December 22, 2022

Houseboat build, pg50...

I originally designed the house to accept the indoor section of the split ductless heat pump on the outside of the bedroom wall, but some other things had changed in the layout and we needed to move it. I installed it on the back wall of the bedroom, looking strait up the hallway through the bedroom archway. This was a much better location, as it was a "head bumper" for my 6'1" tall frame. You can feel the air from it all the way to the front door, as it's motor-driven outlet damper can easily change the direction of the discharge air. 

We routed the refrigeration lines out and down the back wall, uninsulated. I used a piece of 3" PVC pipe, ripped down the middle on my table saw. I drilled 6 holes through the PVC at an angle that allowed me to screw in to the back of the house, over the piping. Also drilled holes along it's length to allow me to insert the tube from the spray foam canes. A 3" cap was cut in half and used as a top cap. I then sprayed the foam into the holes until foam came out everywhere. The next day I trimmed the excess, and caulked. Debbie came back the next day and painted it to match the house. This was a great way to insulate and protect the two refrigeration lines, wiring, and condensate piping. This heat pump is awesome...16.5 SEER rating, and heats/cools/ the houseboat easily.