Monday, December 5, 2022

Houseboat build, pg43...

 We're getting close to finishing this beast! Here's a batch of photos and descriptions of the next batch of tasks finished...


 The 11 photos above are of the starboard cabinet. It's now completed, all but the plumbing connections under the sink and caulking around the cabinet to the wall. . I'm working on that, now... I added a blank panel to the front of the cabinet in front of the sink to balance out the look. I'm happy with the results, this is the first cabinet I've ever built :-)

The 9 photos above are of the port side cabinet, all completed...all but the gas line connection below the cook top. All of the doors and drawers on these cabinets were freebies from Marketplace, where someone was renovating a camper. I built the cabinets around what I could get, so I didn't have to fabricate any of that. In the 2nd photos in this group, I'm pointing to a pocket I fabricated between the cabinet and the couch. This is where the dining table will be stored when not in use. 

The 3 photos above are of a double gang receptacle I cut into the wall at the starboard cabinet. We originally planned to build a full-size closet in that corner, so I pulled the wiring into that area to install a receptacle in the wall. We decided to eliminate the closet and build in more counter top area and cabinet space, so we needed a receptacle in that area for the coffee pot, toaster oven, etc. 

The nine photos above are of the window treatments we just finished up. Debbie located 4 curtains she likes, and Donna stitched them up to fit a pair of long curtain rods over the transom windows in the bedroom. Next, Debbie found a batch of mini-blinds on sale for about $8 each at Lowes...they were too long, and one set was too wide. I was able to cut the width down on the table saw with a 80t blade, and shorten them for these windows, and they worked out great!

Above is the new ratcheting paper towel holder Debbie wanted installed. These are pretty neat, and have a single attachment point. 

Dropping in drains... The above two pics are of the shower pan and the bathroom vanity cabinet, holes bored for the drains. Gonna try to get this knocked out next!