Sunday, October 2, 2022

Houseboat build, pg23...

 Today was a good day! After Hurricane Ian passed, and we got even MORE rain, I was able to do a thorough leak check on the houseboat's upper structure. Considering all of the metal construction, modifications from the original layout, and over 2000 screws...we had 1 leak. I think it's a screw hole I overlooked under one of the ridge caps. I'll figure that out, once everything outside dries out. Here's my water bucket and a pic of the drip peeking through between two overlapping pieces of roofing. 

Next, I was finally able to get some of the electrical worked out, from my original drawings, to the actual receptacle / switch / box locations. It's helped to get the rough floor plan sprayed onto the floor for visualization. Debbie and I walked around, and made a final adjustment here and there on things, and discussed the overhead cabinets, electrical locations, swing of doors for the bath and closet, shape of the dining couch, location of lights & TVs, etc. Once that was done, I started pulling wiring. I need more supplies, but I did get the bulk of the port side wiring in place. 


I've edited the last pic here a tad, to better describe where some things will be located. We're mounting the fridge as a mid-mount, to raise it to a level that we won't always be bending over to get something out. The microwave will either be above or below that.