Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Kerr Lake

The John Kerr Reservoir (Kerr Lake) is big. Huge...lots of water. Mom and Dad have had a place up there on Waters Edge Drive since the last 80's, and their dock is in the cove almost directly across from Satterwhite point, near Nutbush. Did I say lots of water? You could spend a lifetime on the NC side of the lake, just exploring all of the nooks and crannies of zillions of coves. There are several Bass tournaments run from that area every year. I enjoy fishing there, but saying that, I never catch the quantities of fish I do in ponds and even local creeks and rivers. Kerr Lake has a lot of fish, and many varieties, but with that much space and water, they're really spread out. Main channel depths run in the 40-60 feet deep range, but lots of skinny water up in the coves. I'm still learning about the best ways and places to catch LMB, Striped Bass (Striper), White Perch, Racoon Perch, and Bluegill in that body or water. Catfish abound...and I mean BIG cats! Here's a few pics from fishing up on Kerr Lake...

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