Sunday, January 15, 2023

Houseboat build, pg60...

 A bit more work on the plumbing and the power inverter... 

Water control - There's a series of valves under the bed that allow easy diversion of the water flow to supply the boat from the slip or from the on-board fresh water tank, or to be drained during a period of inactivity when there may be freezing conditions. You can see those (black "T" handles) in the RH edge of the first photo below.

Water supply - When operating in the winter months at the marina,  there is no water from the shore tap on our slip. We have to be able to operate from a self-container water source. There's a water hydrant at the shore to fill the on-board tank, so it's not too hard to keep the 42 gallon fresh water tank filled, we just need a pump to push it through the taps on the boat. For this, we have a 3 GPH water pump and filter under the bed. It comes on at 25psi, and cuts off at 45 psi. It's powered by the on-board 12 vdc storage batteries. You can see the pump in the RH side of the first photo below, beside the valves mentioned previously.

Hot Water - I installed a 1500w on-demand 115 vac hot water heater, for the small amount of hot water we need. The shore power tap o the slip is 115 vac @ only 20A, so I have to be careful of the things in the boat that run on AC 115 vac electricity.  We have a small split heat pump and a refrigerator that are always on AC power. The microwave, toaster, and air fryer (all lighting is LED) are used with care (not on at the same time) on 115 vac, to keep the usage below 20A total. Since it was out of the question to use the hot water heater on 115vac, I installed a 16,000 watt AC inverter to convert high current 12 vdc from the batteries to 115 vac for the hot water heater. The HWH only runs in small bursts, so this seems to fit our needs (at least during testing). It is bolted down in the equipment area below our bed frame, along with our HWH. You can see the hot water heater, the white unit strapped to the wall, on the LH side of the first photo below.

Inverter - Along with being used to power the HWH, the 16,000 watt inverter can run the heat pump, refrigerator, or other AC items during a power outage, if needed. This was another reason for buying such a large inverter. A generator will be added to the back deck for auxiliary power at a later date.
You can see the AC power inverter, bolted to the floor,  in the center of the first photo below.


Above is the equipment area below the bed. The bed is lifted up (the upper portion of the bed frame is hinged), and props put in place to hold it up during service.