Thursday, September 29, 2022

Houseboat build, pg22...

 We had to make a trip up to Kerr Lake today, to better tie the pontoon boat up at the marina, let the top down, and get it secured prior to the arrival of Hurricane Ian. Once completed, we stopped at Lowe's for some countersink screws, and headed back to the houseboat project. Debbie got the exterior trim painted, we finished plugging a few screw holes in the outer skin of the houseboat, and drilled / installed about 175 screws into the plywood flooring. By this time it was dark, and I brought in some lighting to allow working on the inside after dark. Once lit, lots of caulking was applied all around the perimeter of the interior. Now that's finished, it's time to start on the electrical and plumbing stub-downs. 


In the photos above you can see the exterior trim that Debbie got painted, today. It's the wide band that goes around the area where the house joins to the pontoon platform. 

Here you can see the blue cross-wise chalk box markings on the floor. This helped me drill holse into the aluminum floor joists to solidly secure the plywood flooring to the metal skin and metal beams below.