Sunday, June 16, 2019

Remote Trim/Tilt, 6/16/19

We've finally been able to start using the Stratos bass boat a bit, and seeing a few little things that I wanted modify to help with operations. One of the changes was the need for a remote trim/tilt control up front. I'm always up front, running the trolling motor, while Debbie is fishing on the rear deck. Often, we'll ease up in some really skinny water, and I need to raise the motor. One of us would have to get down, go to the console, and raise the motor. I fabricated a 3-conductor wiring harness, made a "fish tape" from a piece of stiff electric fence wire, and pulled it through the boat from the rear to the front. I connected the harness in parallel with the up and down tilt circuit on the motor and in the driver's console. I installed a pair of normally open push button switches in the front control panel, one for up trim, the other for down trim. The 3-conductor cable was connected to those and labelled. I can easily reach those with my toes while driving the trolling motor, a nice addition to the controls.