Thursday, June 20, 2019

Tippett's Mill, 6/20/19

Debbie and I got up at 4:30am this morning, and got ready to go to Tippett's Mill to fish a bit before it got too hot. We had connected to the Jon boat trailer last night, pulled one of the covers off, and get everything else ready to go. Debbie prepared and packed a breakfast to have on the pond 1st thing this morning, and we headed out. 

We got there just as it was getting light  enough to see how to load in. We scouted the pond ad fished until about 10:30am. There was a huge flood about 10 days ago, so the water temp was down, the lower sections of the trees were muddy from the high water that had come and gone, and there was a moderate amount of trees down in the pond & river feeding it. 

Debbie and I were both using a combination of top water and sub-surface. I caught one pretty good LMB on a top water frog with a 2/O hook that I lost right at the boat...she gave us a good look before spitting the frog out, and left us with our mouths hanging open. I switched to a wide spaced 4/O hook and my hookset ratio improved. Some where around 9am, the top water action stopped. We had several hits, Debbie also hit one on a 5" worm the got off after running under the boat, it was also a nice size. Here's a few pics from this morning of what we actually landed...