Tuesday, December 25, 2018

New seats!

During our shakedown run, I discovered I really wanted the rear seat in the middle, and the hard plastic seats that were in the boat were rough on my backside after about 2 hours. Debbie picked up a pair of folding seats with cushions very cheap at Walmart, and I set about to get them installed. 

There was a 2x6 wooden seat spacer on both seats, where the 6x6 rotary mount would attach. I pulled both seats off and found only 2 short wood screws holding the rotary mount, and something the looked like drywall screws holding the 2x6 spacer to the OEM seat. The whole business was sloppy and moving all around.  I drilled and anchored the 2x6s securely to the factory boat seats, and the same with the rotary mounts. It's now solid as a rock, and the seats are where we wanted them. In the pic below, the first seat is installed. 

This handy dandy right angle ratchet screwdriver is the ticket for getting to the screws that go through the rotary mount and up unto the bottom of the seat.