Monday, September 26, 2022

Houseboat build, pg18...

 It seems the flotation work will never be finished :-) . We now have all of the floats installed, save 1 in the very back. Here's a few pics...


This is a photo as seen looking towards the rear of the boat, from below, showing the line of flotation devices installed along it's length. 

A photo of the front of the houseboat with the frontmost float installed. They come out almost flush with the front of the patio. 

A photo as looking forward from the rear of the boat. You can see the timbers we used on the trailer to slide those floats into position and ready for lifting to the frame. 

The end of another day, and things are looking pretty good! The patio awning has arrived, and Debbie is preparing the front porch posts, now.