Sunday, March 10, 2019

231, 3/10/19

The time changed today, YIPEE!! After church and other things, Debbie and I headed out to do some fishing about 3pm today. We first headed up to Little River on hwy 231, and the Black Crappie were hitting! Debbie caught 6 of those on her micro rig with a #0 gold Beetle Spin, 1/32oz white crappie jig head w/red eye, and fitted with a Strike King Smokey Shad shadpole grub. They were tearing it up! 

I used a similar setup and picked up 3 Black Crappie. I was having fun learning how to use a weightless rigged watermelon 4" Ribit frog with 4/O hook. Works pretty good, handles nice in grass and structure. Only had one hit on it, but was mostly playing with it to see how it worked. Looking forward to throwing that this spring and summer!

Here's a few pics...