Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Barrett's Farm ponds, 2/5/19

Debbie and I headed to our favorite ponds this afternoon for a little fishing in this beautiful 70+ degree February day, Barrett's Farm Ponds in Bunn. We had a great evening, even though we couldn't stay very long. Better days are coming!! Anyway, here's a few pics and how we caught them...

OK, so we were playing around at Pond #1. Debbie brought out her 10' B&M Composite Crappie pole and red wigglers. Wham, this guy was ready to rock and roll :-)  We poked around there a few minutes, I was throwing a wacky rigged Senko and a Beetlespin. After a few minutes, we headed down to the back side of pond #2 by the spillway.

 I tossed a wacky rigged Senko up the bank towards the boat landing, and this fella hopped right on :-)

Debbie moved around the dam, throwing a beetlespin with a  Smokey Shad grub, and hit this guy pretty close to the spillway.

We were watching a bunch of fish wallowing around at the surface, behaving like carp. Nothing you throw at them got their attention, they would just splash and take off. Knowing there's no carp in this place, I got a bit sidetracked trying to figure out what they were. I realized they seemed to be popping at some tiny insects that were on the surface... so, I got out the fly rod with a green bream fly, found an opening int he trees where i could cast, and started playing with them. Right away, it was obvious that they didn't want a fly that was moving, behaving like bluegill. So, I would cast, let tickle the fly a couple of times, and let it sit. After about 15-30 seconds, wham!!!! They would slap at it, grab at it, etc. Finally snagged this guy, and sure enough, it was a fat little bluegill. 

Well, mystery solved, and we had to head home. Can't wait to head back!!!